August 24, 2019 @ 11:00 am – August 28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Danemead Scout Campsite.
Danemead Scout Campsite
Broxbourne Common, Cock Ln, Broxbourne EN11 8GG
07525 659 844

Scouts summer camp will be a little different this year, we will be camping for 5 Days and will be a survival camp, over the weekend we will complete the Scout Survival Activity Badge, tarp and hammock camping and an overnight in a survival shelter for their making.

  • Basic knife Saftey and BushScout Standard Knife skills, including basic wood carving.
  • First aid treatment you may need to use while on a survival event, considering you may have limited resources available.
  • How to construct different kinds of shelter
  • How to build a fire and use advanced lighting techniques. Not use man-made materials such as paper or firefighters.
  • The various burning qualities of different woods
  • How to maintain hygiene in a survival situation
  • The correct use of international distress signals, using a whistle, torch, mirror or markers
  • Actions to take while waiting for a rescue that will both keep you (and your group) safe and will assist your rescuers in locating you.
  • Put together a personal survival kit.
  • Take part in a survival exercise, they will construct a shelter of natural or salvaged materials and sleep in it
    prepare a meal using raw ingredients that could have been foraged or caught
  • Cooking all meals over open fires, with different methods.

During the event, we plan to visit we plan to visit Paradise Wildlife Park this also has a speedway museum! interesting mix of activities, something for everyone.

The campsite is a great site for this style of camping and is called Danemead, as they say on their website its in the hart of nature, 34 acres of ancient coppiced woodland The site has been granted the status of a Site of Special Scientific Interest.