5th Prittlewell Scout Group provides exciting range activities for boys and girls aged 6 to 14 and opportunities to carry on in Scouting an opportunity’s as an explorer scout 14 to 18 or as young leader, as well as network unit 18 to 25 and leadership.

To run a program of activities we collect membership subscriptions, camp and days out are self-funding where possible, but we have young people that might not get to experience without help. We fundraise within 5th Prittlewell but this we not cover all we need to make scouting accessible to all our young people.

We run a second-hand uniform bank, we take donations of useable kit, rucksacks to help and sometimes in cases of hardship support to cost of going to camp.

We need your support, help us provide the childhood memories of their days in scouting, that day out, the camp where we all sat around a campfire and cooked smores, please help make Scouting happen.

What do we need?

Camping equipment, tents that need to be replaced from time to time, even with the way we look after them so well. We love outdoor skills, we have the skills to offer some great experiences we need games equipment, rope and another kit that make this sort of camping posable we are short on.

The weekend tents over 5 years, we had 15 we are now down to eight and they are not so good, the cooking kit such as billycans for campfire cooking, the marquee kindly donated 3 years ago makes larger camps so much easier to run but will only see another year at best.

Rucksacks 75l DOE approved and DOE approved light weigh tents to run hikes.

Does 5th Prittlewell have a Mission Statement?

Yes you can view it Here

Simple some ways to help

Ask your friends, family more friends, share this page with the buttons below

Eazy Fund Raising – 1. Join  2. Shop  3. Collect it is very easy to do and I’mm sure you shop online already.

Gift Aid – We are registered for gift aid please ask for a form if you are a taxpayer and pay subs.

Help, please 5th Prittlewell 

If you know of some groups or businesses that support a charitable group like us, or indeed are reading this as a charitable group looking for a worthwhile cause, please let us know.


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 Email: charlotte@5thprittlewellscouts.org.uk

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