Membership Subscriptions (Subs)

couting The information on this page is for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.


What am I paying for?
Money raised from subs is used to help pay for Activities, Resources, Badges, Hall Hire, Insurance and The Annual Scout  Membership that every group must pay per member that is split pay the cost of running the District, County and The Scout Association. Our objective is always to keep our subs as low as possible whilst ensuring that we are able to provide the leaders with the facilities and equipment to offer exciting Scouting.

All leaders are unpayed volunteers that help run your scout group, a common misconception is that this is a youth club, a scout group starts because your young people want to be part of scouting, the first leaders in scouting were asked by youths. “hay would you be our leaders?” We are a team of adults, some are parents and most have had young people in our group in the past, at least some parent involvement is expected this has to happen even in some small way or the group will close.

How much do I pay?
Our subscription fee is £3 per week, but it is preferred if its payed 1/2 ever half term as collecting it eats into meeting time. This Fee must be payed even for the weeks someone done not attend as this is the cost of membership for the year split to make it easier to pay, not a charge per week. 

Gift Aid
We also ask you to ensure you have completed a Gift Aid declaration if you are a UK tax payer, as it will increases our income by 24p in each pound paid, essential to running more activity’s.

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