What is Scouting Membership The Myth Buster!

Do people know what scouting is? It’s not a youth club…

We have a bunch of adults in a hall and talking about the fun activities we will run, badge work, days out and camping adventures, this happens at 5th Prittlewell and all other scouting groups. About 65% of our team are parents just like you, some were Scouts when they were younger some just enjoy being part of a team, all give their time freely for our young people.

Adults enabling the activities that our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are asking to do. Some of you will know the Baden Powell started scouting but did you know it started from his 6 part booklet called “Scouting for Boys” (Now for Girls as well) it was the young that got it going, reading the pages they wanted the activities, to be Scouts as described, they asked adults in there communities “hay mister would you be our scout leader?” it was the youths themselves who wanted scouting and what it had to offer.

So here we are Scouting now by far the largest youth movement on the planet! there are over 30+ groups in Southend alone, 216 countries, 28 Million or more young people, all from adults just simply saying yes, absolutely amazing!! More young people want to join there are waiting lists everywhere, more adults are always needed, even just for just one small job, from making drinks, help to clear the hall, you could make a difference.

Who would not want Scouting for their child, especially when you know what it will give them and skills that no other organisation can equal, you would be mad not to want this for your child?

You might not be able to commit to being a  leader but if you can help at all, please take the time to read and even complete and return one or more of the forms below.


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