Badges and Awards

There is a huge selection of badges for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to achieve. These fall into four main categories Core Badges, Activity Badges, Staged Activity Badges and Challenge Badges. Here we provide a brief overview about each of the four categories, the Activity Plus and Instructor Badges and the Chief Scout’s Gold Award. Remember, if you think you are due a badge, bring in the required evidence so we can send off for it. If you have any questions about getting any of the badges after reading the requirements on the Scout Association website, speak to one of the Leaders and we’ll do our best to help you. 

To find out where to sew your badges on, visit the uniform page.

Membership Award

The Core Badges are those that all Scouts achieve, and are very similar from Beavers through to the Explorers with only the difficulty adjusted to account for age and ability. The core badges include the Membership Award, which all members achieve, and includes learning about the Scout Association, the Group and the Section, as well as the ceremonies and traditions of each. Leaders and other members will help you through this process and you will be presented with the badge at your investiture. 


Activity badges

Activity Badges

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers all have their own collection of Activity Badges available. There are 69 Activity Badges available to Scouts alone. Achievements that the young people can be displayed and take pride in. 

We put on a varied programme for our Members and try to give them the best experiences Scouting offers. Much of what we do gives them the opportunity to achieve the requirements for many of the badges. However, we don’t have the time to do everything, so we love it when they surprise us and become proactive about achieving their badges. Many already meet the requirements for some badges through school projects or by attending other clubs. 
If you think you are due a badge, then bring in the required evidence and show one of the Leaders and we’ll be more than happy to sign it off. 

Staged Activity Badges  

These are available to all members, from Beavers to Scouts and continue into Explorers, with the same requirements and only the difficulty adjusted to account for age and ability. These badges start off easy and become more difficult as you progress through them. For some, such as the Nights Away and Hikes Away, the only requirement is to spend time doing the activity and most Scouts achieve at least a moderate level by attending our events. For others, such as the Nautical Skills and Emergency Aid, greater skills and knowledge are required with each level. 
Some of these badges can be achieved by participating in our Troop nights and events, but others will require you to work outside of Scouts and bring the required evidence to show to one of the Leaders. 

Activity Plus and Instructor Badges 

Activity Plus
Instructor Badge

If there’s an activity that you’d like to do more of and improve your skills further then the Activity Plus Badge could be yours. If you think you’d like to take on the challenge talk to one of the Leaders and we can decide on some targets for your activity of choice. 

If you’ve achieved a high level of competence in a particular activity and would like to teach others in that skill set then you might want to consider working towards the Instructor Badge. 
Both of these badges go underneath the appropriate Activity Badge, so the silver or gold outer ring is on display, and this shows what you’ve achieved in that activity. The number of Activity Plus and Instructor Badges that you can achieve is only limited by the number of Activity Badges you gain, time and your determination. 

 Challenge badges

Chief Scout's Gold Award
Challenge Badges

The Challenge Badges often require team effort and stretch Scouts by getting them to try new activities and experiences. This is taking things to the next level. For Scouts there are currently 9 Challenge Badges, with fewer for Beavers and Cubs. 


Throughout a Scout’s time with 5th Prittlewell we work alongside them to achieve all the challenge badges. Some of the requirements can be met by attending our regular events, while for others it is necessary to put in extra effort and initiative. With each challenge badge achieved, the Scout is one step closer to achieving the Chief Scout’s Gold Award: one of the most prestigious awards available to Scouts. 

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